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Glassy glassy Glassiness in Kissamos

glassy waves breaking in Kissamos

Not often you get such magical surfing conditions in Crete and in the world. The stars and the moon alined to gift us with the spectacle that was Kissamos this morning. In reality what needs to happen: wind blows over the course of several days. This creates waves on the ocean surface. The longer this phenomenon happens the better the energy in the waves gets organised the longer the period in between two waves. And then suddenly the wind stops. What we are left with are glassy waves with no wind ripple! The surfer's dream!

As usual we started with a warm up to wake up body and mind. Then a recap of the first day theory: safety, board parts and so on. For those who were for the 2nd or for more times with us Andy showed paddling, overcoming the waves, sitting down on the board and turning around to go for the wave. For the girls that were the first time with us they also got a second option of catching the wave: the push & jump technique. After they managed to catch a couple of wave and ride in the prawn position, they joined the others with tackling the pop up - and it worked out right away and after a couple of attempts! Anastasia, on her 5th surfing day today had really long rides and she was going for the turn. The lesson concluded with a couple of fun group pictures, waves splashing and all :)

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