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Paddling out to the Surfspot Kissamos

surfers laughing catching a wave

Good morning everyone. This is Kissamos in Crete. Surf course of Kalo Surf surf school. Summer season 2019 in full swing. Good conditions today for our beginner surf course. We start our sports activity with a warm up to prepare the relevant muscle groups for the upcoming activity. The surf instructor Andy went through the most important thing when doing sport in the water: safety rules and safety signals. On the beach we taught paddling and overcoming the waves as well as the pop up and the turn for the more experienced participants. Then we paddled out into the bay of Kissamos together with the surf instructor. With Andy's help when it comes to choice of waves, our participants had a couple of nice rides, with Olav, Chris, Noor and Maaike all working and succeeding on their turns. The waves were quite steep at this break, so it was tricky to take off on the right part of the breaking wave. A whip-out later, Andy took the course further to the right of the bay, where the waves were spilling instead of plunging. There our participants had the possibility to practice more under more chill conditions.

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