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Fathers and Daughters Surfing in Crete

We learn how to carry the surf board

What a lovely morning surf group today: Three fathers with their three respective daughters taking their first surf lesson together. A fun undertaking with memories that will last! We like to start our early morning surf courses with a warm up to wake up body and soul. Followed by board handling on land. The more time you spend with your surfboard the more it will go over into your blood and the more confidence you will gain even before you go in the water. We learn how to put on our leashes, how to carry the board and how to lay on the board, finding your position. Then the prawn position and when we have glided on the wave we want to break with our bodies as a dragging anchor. Now we take it to the water. After a quick demonstration by surf instructor Andy how the first exercise will look, it is time for our fathers-daughters team to play in the waves. We try catching waves alone or with Andy's help and glide with our bellies on the surfboard to get used to the feeling and finding the right balance: trimming to the front or trimming to the back. After a short break we tackle the pop up. First we try on land, of course! Then Andy gives a demonstration in the water and now action! Our participants form Norway practiced and caught many nice waves. Some had a ride already while standing. But all of them had many rides at least in the prawn position or on their knees. Mission accomplished! We can not stress enough, how important is learning how to catch the wave. Thus, without this step you will never have a ride ;)

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