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Afternoon Surf Course in Crete

Teenage surfer surfing a wave in Crete

Good vibes today at our afternoon surf lesson in Kissamos - high-fives and lots of laughter!

After we had done the formalities and all participants got their surf equipment, we started with a short run on the beach with jumping for warm up. Then Andy explained safety and communication in the water. After that we did our exercises on the beach: prawn position for our first time surfers and pop up for our more experienced surfers. Then it was time for to conquer the water. Our first time surfers got introduced to the concept of catching waves and finding the position on the board. After the break they then also learned how to pop up on the board. All participants got to practice a lot in knee to hip high waves. Olav and Klaas even mastered a couple of turns today! There is always something new to learn and new experience to gather.

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