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Surf stories of pop-ups and rides

two surfers at the take-off

Early morning call for our group course at Kalo Surf surf school. After we geared up and put the leash on our boards, we were all set to start with what every sports activity should start with: a warm up! It's important for our muscles and our spine to wake up and be ready for the upcoming activity to avoid any kind of injury, a strain for example. Everyone in our group had previous experience. Maaike and her kids have surfed in Portugal, Dave has surfed in the UK and Crete, Julia has surfed in Hawaii and Bali and Crete and Livio has surfed his second day ever with us in Crete. Dave was the first to enter, after he received a couple of tips from Andy, on what to concentrate on in today's session. Then we refreshed some surf theory, such as board parts, safety rules and communication in the water. After that we went through the exercises on land: the pop up and stalling & trimming, to prolong the ride. Now Andy, went quickly in the water to demonstrate how we catch the wave, ride and finish the ride or fall safely. Then it was time for the group to conquer the waves of Crete. It always takes some time to get used to a new environment. But quickly all got the hang of it and were able to catch waves autonomously, catching waves being the most important part in surfing. After the break, the surfers that were up for a new challenge tried a new maneuver: making the turn. It worked out really nicely for them, either achieving the turn or being really close! Great job, everyone!

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