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Epic Surf Journey 2019 completed

Dry-run of the correct surf position

Kalo Surf surf school is very happy to have provided Mark and his family with their very first surf experience. And what a journey it has been. From the time of booking, father Mark had a very good plan in place to take as many lessons as possible during their stay in Crete while at the same time keeping enough breaks in between to rest and recover. And we must say it worked like a charm. During their almost three weeks of stay they had the opportunity to see in total 4 different surf spots. They were trying different boards to match their abilities. And they were learning so many steps in surfing and even something new on the last day! Remember where you started and how much experience you have gathered so far! So what happened today? We arrived on the beach early in the morning, no soul in sight. After the warm up, Andy introduced a new detail in paddling for catching the wave: Lifting up your chest to lift up the nose, and bringing your chest low for the extra lift of the tail during takeoff. Of course we went through the crucial parts of taking long paddle strokes, looking behind your shoulder at the wave, understanding different parts of the wave. Then in the water it was so nice that when Andy gave the signal for the last wave, no one wanted to believe it was over. We stretched "catching the last wave" as long as we could. We are honored if you had a good time and you got hooked on surfing. We hope to see you again some time. And of course, keep on surfing. Click here for the pictures of 30 July 2019 morning

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