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Surf trip with the Kalo Surf surf van

female surfer riding a wave in Crete

Big waves and strong winds in Western direction for the next three days in Crete. It can get a bit uncomfortable on the beach in Falassarna, which is our first pick for Western Swells. So we quickly regrouped ourselves and decided to go to a surf spot east of Chania that is less exposed than the big beach of Falassarna. The fun started already when Andy picked up Mark and his family from their accommodation. In a good mood we arrived at the surf spot. We set up our lesson and went to business. Andy started as usual with a warm up, followed by dry-runs of paddling, the pop up and the turn. In the water most of the group tried catching waves with the push & jump technique, while Janneke and Joost went straight to catching waves while paddling. After all gained confidence in the new surf spot, they all tried to catch waves while paddling. Today the vibe was exceptional, lots of laughter! On the way home from our surf trip we were having fun dancing to Dr. Greenthumb from Cypress Hill ;)

Let's do this again tomorrow!!!

Here is the link to see all the pictures of the afternoon of 29 July 2019

#WesternswellinCrete #surflesson

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