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Crystal Clear Waters and Surfboards in Falassarna

surfing riding a wave in Falassarna

Stunning morning on the island of Crete. The Kalo Surf surf van is once again on the mission to infect unsuspicious holiday makers with the surf virus. After we met up with our guests we headed to the beach of Falassarna. The impressive view of the big beach and the turquoise waters puts us automatically in a good mood. The beach is still empty early in the morning, giving us all a feeling of exclusivity, like a secret that we share amongst each other.

It was the second day of surf lessons for our family from Belgium and the third day of surf lessons for siblings Emily and Charles. Because everyone was for the first time on the new surf spot this means that we have to get used to the elements all over again. On this beach the waters are first deep, and then further out is the sandbank where the wave breaks. This means we might have to paddle the first 5-10 meters and then we can walk on the sandbank, turn around and push & jump to catch the wave. All did great today, practiced a lot and gave it their all. All understood at this point the motion of catching the wave and all managed to stand up on the board, even if it is just for a very brief moment. And some made a huge progress overcoming their fears and gaining more confidence in the water. We are very proud of you all!

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