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Surfing Crete and Safety First - afternoon

catching waves in Crete

Our afternoon session took place at the bay of Kissamos. The waves have been good to us all day long! Sunita, Michael, Kira, Evan, Emily and Charles formed our second surf group of the day.

All of them had already had some experience in different surfspots in Europe, so Andy started the session with freshening up their safety knowledge and how to fall correctly from a surfboard because SAFETY FIRST!

Followed by finding the correct position on the surfboard and a warm up, it was time to enter the water. Andy showed one more time how to handle the board safe in the water and then our group tried by themselves.

Meanwhile, Andy could look at each student and evaluate the level. Since everybody has been surfing before and got taught differently, it's important to really see the skills because every teacher teaches in another way.

After a break, it was time to show each surfer different exercises to improve their skills and abilities. Everybody practiced by themselves in the water and at the end of the lesson, every surfer could catch the waves and have control over the board. Especially Michael surfed a lot of waves! Great job! The rest of you will follow soon, we have no doubts in that, see you in the water!

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