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Paddling and Catching Waves in Crete - morning

four surfers trying to catch a wave together

Day 3 of surf lessons for Bruno and his kids, Day 2 of surf lessons for the 3 surf kids from the Netherlands. As usual we met early in the morning in order to beat the crowds of beach goers and in order to beat the midday sun at the same time. Because we all need some time to wake up, Andy started the lesson with a slow warm up combined with some Yoga elements. After that Andy repeated the most important safety rules and then everyone laid down on his or her board to train the correct pop up, the learned stalling and trimming. For the the third day surfers from Belgium it was also the day where we learn how to paddle. Lots of practice time in the water followed and everyone in our group stood up and had a ride! After the break, Andy introduced them to the concept of turning, so they have something new to concentrate on. The surf instructor later joined the group with his surfboard to show them how to sit on the board and turn around while sitting. The course concluded with a silly session of group pictures, as everyone was stoked, in a good mood and up for being funny at the end of the surf lesson. We say goodbye, thank you so much for surfing with us and maybe we see each other next time in the waves!

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