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Surf Courses in July in Crete

surfer taking off on a green wave in Crete

Kalo Surf is back with surf lessons in Kissamos after a very short break. The Kalo Surf team, and especially surf instructor Andy is well again, after a brief sick leave. Assistant Max was here today, to help out with the group and give an extra hand. Did you know all Kalo Surf surf instructors are also accredited lifeguards? This is actually the most important aspect and the reason why it is better to go surfing with guidance. Today the siblings, Sisay, Tsega & Jonael were joined by siblings Charles & Emily and Niki. After a warm up and some dry-runs on the beach, the 3 former siblings who have already more experience under their belt, where to first to go into the water with Max. The other half of the group, first stayed on the beach with Andy for the important safety rules and the beginner theory. Then Andy showed them how we walk in the water towards the waves, turn around, catch the waves and glide on the boards while laying flat on our bellies. With various exercises we train how to do this first part securely and then it was time for the break. After the break Andy showed all the pop up and gave some details and personal feedback also on our experienced surfer. Once again in the water, everyone practiced surfing what they have learned. Sometimes also during surfing, accidents can happen. That's why we learn safety precautions. Surf coach & lifeguard Andy has his medikit with him at all times, and quickly tended to Sisay, who was cut on her had by one of the surfboard fins. Get well soon, so we can continue on Thursday!

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