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Where Can I Surf in Crete?

intermediate surfing on the reef break in Crete

Where Can I Surf in Crete? With us at Kalo Surf in Kissamos, of course! Kissamos is located in the northwestern corner of the island and here we have the possibility to surf northern & western swells, the predominant swell directions in the summer months!

Omg, what a surprise we got this morning for the morning surf lesson! Glassy glassy glassy waves with offshore wind!!! For a short moment we thought we might stay on the north coast to surf a beach break but then we decided to head to our "secret" reef break, because if there is a small chance of it working, it is always the best of experiences.

Andy introduced our intermediate surfers to the reef circle and the dangers that could occur, when surfing on a spot with a hard underground. Of course also paddling and the whole shenanigans. Once in the water everyone freaked out for a moment being overwhelmed by the new environment and a bigger sized waves. But they quickly got comfortable and tackled the challenge. With Andy's help we constantly corrected our position in the water. Where is the channel, where is the peak of the wave? We had a real special exclusive surf session on a glassy day in Kissamos with big and powerful waves. Something to remember ❤

kid surfer surfing a wave on a surfboard in Crete

In the afternoon we stayed at our home bay in Kissamos to surf the northern swell. We were blessed with glassy knee to shoulder high waves, perfect conditions for a beginner lesson. With his teaching technique, Andy first made sure that everyone understood the motion of catching the wave and positioning themselves on the surfboard correctly. Too much weight in the front means, you might nose dive; too much weight in the back draggs the tail in the water and you can't gain enough speed. After a couple of exercises to manifest those maneuvers we moved on to learning how to pop up on the surfboard. This is a crucial part in surfing and needs to be trained over and over. The higher the wave count during your session, the better. Your pop up should be smooth and secure, making sure to have your weight always in the middle of the board during all steps in order to avoid the aforementioned nose dive or drag ;)

Our guys gave it a great effort to catch as many waves as possible before we ended the lesson - happy but tired.

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