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Summer Surf Lessons in Crete

group picture surf lessons Crete

Summer is in full swing in Crete. Today the outside and water temperature was so warm that half of our group ditched the wetsuit completely and went surfing with their swimwear. While we always prefer our guests to wear the short summer wetsuits - it keeps everything together... if you know what I mean.... and prevents from rashes - surfing with swimwear only is definitely a nice experience.

Today's group consisted of first time surfers Nadine and Rene as well as Josefine who has had several lessons already and achieved many steps in surfing already.

The waves in Kissamos bay today were nice and perfectly sized for a beginners lesson, some sets with 1m and above wave height. We started the surf lesson with the basics theory on the beach: communication in the water and safety rules. Then Andy showed the first time surfers the first exercise and to Josefine he repeated the pop up and the turn. Before we entered the waves, Andy made a nice warm up for the particular muscle groups and the back. Now it was time to catch the wave while pushing & jumping or while paddling. All had fun with the first exercises and the famous glide on the wave!! Then we went out for a break to rehydrate. Very important in the warm weather in Crete. Now Andy showed the pop up to all and corrected some details. Back in the water the whole group managed to stand up on the board and ride some waves. Then surf coach Andy grabbed his board and paddled out with the group. We had a really nice session with either Andy helping to catch the wave of catching the wave on their own. The lesson finished with a nice group picture. Good bye Josefine, keep on surfing. And to the other two: hasta luego.

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