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Surf Lessons for the whole Family in Kissamos

mother and daughter catching a wave toghether

Today is the first vacation day in Crete for Pia and her family from Denmark. And they start their vacation with a bang! Surf instructor Andy picked up our guests with the Kalo Surf surf van from their hotel and drove them to the surf spot. Today the waves in Kissamos bay were great!!! All geared up, we laid our boards in the grass of Plaka beach Restaurant. They kindly hosted us today and even offered free water for our surfers! Cretan hospitality. On the grass and in the shade it's a nice place for the first theory part and the warm up. Then Andy showed the family the first exercises on land before they took it to the water. In the water everyone got the hang of it quickly, learning how to safely enter the water and carry the board, pushing & jumping and to be 90 degrees to the wave. The youngest family member was struggling a little bit to get used to the element, but this is all part of surfing and we are sure that she will start feeling comfortable after lots of practice ❤ After gliding on the surfboard with various exercises we always take a break before we move on to the next step.

Now Andy showed them over and over again on land how to pop up efficiently and correctly on the surfboard. And the practice time on the beach really payed off. Quickly Pia and her family managed to ride a couple of waves before the surf course was over. To be continued.....

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