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Surf Afternoon for the whole Family in Crete

group photo surf lesson in Crete

Surfing is for the whole family! Jesse and his family from the USA completed the group of second day surfers Mateusz and Kamila from Poland. Beautiful day today in Falassarna beach with waves perfect for beginner surfers. Since the summer days in Crete are hot, Andy placed our group first in the shade to start with the basics and the first exercises on land. After we warmed up our muscles for the upcoming surf session, we went straight into the crystal clear water to cool down and start surfing. First the whole group tried catching the waves while paddling and riding on our bellies. Andy also showed the first time surfers the push & jump technique for catching waves to save some energy. Kamila & Mateusz on their second day ventured out and tried catching more and more waves while paddling and rode some really nice waves. After the break Jesse & his family learned the pop up and Kamila & Mateusz learned stalling & trimming and also some corrections on the pop up. After we hit the water once again, it was time to wrap up the course with a fun group picture. We had a really joyful afternoon and lots of fun riding the surf van back to the hotel!

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