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Surf Course with Pumping Waves

surfer girl in Crete big swell Crete

Why take a surf lesson to learn how to surf? Your surf instructor is your lifeguard. He or she knows the surf spots and knows how to "read" the spot to where the waves break best and where currents are, in a constantly changing environment.

It was an exciting surf day for all, full of adventures. Exhilarating, as Christine put it.

Yesterday our participants were a little disappointed with the conditions - and we were too. But today the north shore delivered! A big swell, that is.

After we gathered all the guys we checked out the waves together and went down to the beach to start our session with a warm up. The focus was on stretching for all the participants that surfed yesterday and had sore muscles today. There was something new on the menu: paddling out, overcoming the wave to get behind the breaking waves. The first half of the lesson we stayed inside to catch white water and trained our pop up, positioning, turning. The second day surfers learned stalling & trimming. The third and more days surfers learned to turn and follow the wave.

After the break Christine, Anatoliy and Jan tried paddling out with Andy to get a feeling for the outside section. Christine caught a waves and was just stoked of the whole experience. And we are just so proud of her dedication & accomplishments.

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