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Beginner Surf Lesson in Kissamos

surfing on a surfboard in Kissamos

Difficult conditions today in Crete. A sizable wave was forecasted for this afternoon in the north shore but it took its time to arrive. Nevertheless, six motivated surfers followed Andy's lead and he focused their attention to all the aspects of surfing that can be trained even in smallest conditions.

The lesson started with a paddle training as a warm up. Let's see what was on Andy's training plan today: signalling and the basics on the beach; balancing while sitting on the board and turning around quickly to catch the wave; getting back on the board from the water and the corck effect; turning directions while paddling by changing your paddle stroke; catching the wave while paddling and also push & jump technique; popping up on the board as well as stalling & trimming for those who were the second day with us. That's what our guests can put on their resumes after today's lesson and in the meantime we hope for a bigger wave day tomorrow.

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