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Surfing Lessons as a Couple in Crete

a couple riding a wave together

Why not start your vacation with a bang? Are you up for the surf lesson on your very first morning in Crete? This is what we said to Caroline and Dani, as we rescheduled their lesson for today. Same thing for Anatoliy and Maryna. Come, come, we should not miss this day for their very first surf course! Surf Coach Andy went to the surf spot at the crack of dawn to verify that his gut feeling for good waves was not wrong. And the waves delivered! After we geared our two couples up, we hit the beach and started with instructions and first exercises: learning how to catch the waves. When the first physical activity in the crystal clear waters is done, it's time for a small break to rehydrate. Then Andy did a nice warm up for the muscle groups that we needed now. And instructed them on the one thing all novice surfers are waiting for: the pop up. Not only was it a beautiful day with glassy waves but all learned how to catch waves without assistance and managed to stand up on the board and have the feeling of surfing.

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