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Surfing with the Family in Falassarna

Family posing after the surf lesson

Kalo Mina, we say in Greece on the first day of each month... have a good month! We start the new month with another very difficult day regarding surf forecasting. The weather in Europe and Crete goes crazy and makes it hard for surf coach Andy to plan the lessons, with forecasts changing every day or being completely off.

But the stoke is real. At least for our French-Swedish family that got so hooked on the surfing virus. They even committed to change into the wetsuits and join the surf lesson on their very last afternoon shortly before their flight back home. Martina completed the group of the day. As usual Andy brought everyone on the same page while explaining the basics on the beach. Our group's focus today was once again the take off, pop up and turning in order to ride along the face of the wave. We look forward to the next lesson with Martina and say goodbye to Annika and her family. We are sure that the surf journey will continue for them. It was a pleasure for Kalo Surf surf school to be part of it.

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