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Kalo Surfing at Falassarna beach

Surfing waves in Falassarna Crete

Today Kalo Surf surf school drove their mobile surf school to Falassarna beach for the beginner's course. All participants had different surf experiences, so surf coach Andy adapted his teaching to each individual. First we all come together for a warm up and for instructions on signalling and safety, so we are on the same page. When it is time to practice in the water, Tilemachos, Juliane and Simon each got different aspects to concentrate on and tried to put Andy's feedback into action. The nature today at Falassarna beach was stunning as always. Sunshine, waves and lots of fun: what more can you ask for.

If you want to see our group modelling our new lycras with the new logo 2019 head over to our instagram page.

And here is the link for the photos of 24 05 2019

#Surfingwaves #FalassarnaCrete

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