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Family Surf Experience in Crete

surfers happy and tired posing with Kalo Surf van

A day with smaller waves in Kissamos is ideal for a beginner surf course. Today we waited patiently with our surf guests for the swell to finally arrive in Kissamos, so we can start with the course. Thank you so much for your patience! Father daughter duo, Zdenek and Sofia, really wanted to have a surf experience during their vacation in Crete and it worked out on their very last afternoon. We are happy that we managed to get you in the water, eventually! The lesson started with a warm out to make sure our bodies are ready for the activity. After that Andy showed our surfers the first exercise first on land and then we took it to the water. How to we catch the wave? What is the correct position on the surfboard? How do we glide?How do we steer shifting our weight? After that they learned how to stand up on the board and ride to the shore. Well done! Click here to download your pictures of today

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