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Birthday Surfing in Crete

family surfing, Crete, waves, Falassarna

Lothar got an awesome birthday present for his 60th birthday. A surf course with the whole family! Today the waves in Falassarna were ideal for a beginner course. With the addition of Venla from Norway it was time for the German family to learn the basics of surfing.

First and foremost we cover safety in the water. How to communicate with signals, how to protect yourself, how to navigate the waves while holding the boards (90 degrees!) and how to act in case of an emergency. Then we start with the first exercises. Positioning on the board and gliding. After that we made our first attempts of popping up and surfing while standing. Great job for your very first surf lesson and a completely new activity!

In the afternoon the intermediate course went to the reef again, just like yesterday. The waves had a good size and power, it was a spilling wave with some steeper sets in between. Our group consisted of Isak, Hella and Nina. For Isak it was a good chance to solidify movement patterns that he learned yesterday from Andy and get further used to in the reef surf spot. Every time you go to a new surf spot, there is a learning curve: How does the wave break and where? When is the set coming? Where is it safe to go in and out of the water? Hella gained a lot of confidence today after a long surf free period in her life and had not only 20 waves but 60 (!) according to Andy ;) Nina was just super happy to be back in the water again and enjoyed the empty surf of Crete.

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