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Surfing After the Storm

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There is a pattern here in the last three blog posts ;)

Before, during and after the storm....

The strong winds of last week and the hurricane that was predicted yesterday in Crete was really something out of the ordinary. For local businesses this meant securing their places and for us it meant taking wise decisions.

Today we started early in the morning, as there was less wind and rain predicted. There were beautiful sets coming into our secret reef break. Our intermediate group consisting of Max, Michi, Hella and Isak first received a theory on the beach from surf coach Andy. We touched everything from safety to board knowledge, the correct pop up, paddling technique, turns and the reef circle. Remember: No cups!!! Then it was time to paddle out and catch those waves. Our group caught one waved after the other and we finished the lesson exhausted and happy in the middle of a torrential downpour.

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