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Surfing before the Storm in Crete

Falassarna, glassy waves, surfers

September weather can be very changeable in Crete. But non the less, Kalo Surf will find good conditions to surf for you. Today, surf coach Andy proofed once again his talent for interpreting the weather reports and predicting the best time and place to go surfing. Our group went to Falassarna early in the morning and found empty surf and glassy offshore waves. Sandra, Max, Michi and Stephen practiced their surf skills further on the inside section catching white water and also some green waves were in the mix, while Moritz, Charlotte and Ava paddled further out. It was Ava's last day in the water. She was in Crete for a whole month, first as the organizer of our Yoga-Surf-Retreat and then as a full time Kalo surfer. She surfed all kinds of conditions and various beach and reef breaks. We were happy to have you here with us and look forward to surfing with you again soon! The next two days we are expecting a big storm on the island with never before seen waves at this time of the year. We are excited to see how this looks like in real life...

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