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Surfing in September with Kalo Surf

September is a great month to learn how to surf here on Crete! We had strong waves, not to high, not to low, with the right amount of power.

After the warm up and some training at the beach, it was time to hit the water and go surfing! It's important to try the take off at the beach first, before you try in the water! Why? Because it's much easier and your muscles learn the routine, which will help a lot in the water.

After the first rounds in the white water, it was time to paddle out in the line up and try to catch the waves, before they start breaking. Here it's all about timing, positioning and technique.

All of you did great today, you achieved a lot in such a short time!

And a big Thank You to Kerstin for the beautiful pictures! She finished the session before the others did, so while watching them learn, she took some pictures of them. Thank you!

Click here to see the pictures of the September Surf Session at Kissamos!

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