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Big Swell in Kissamos

surfing, Crete, Surfboard, softtop

Just like after the rain comes sun again, after a calmer sea, waves will come again. This is the circle of the weather in Crete. Today the swell hit the north shore of the island. In the morning the waves arrived from far away without wind. Glassy waves. And later strong wind pushed even bigger sets to the shore. Natasha and Rail have already had several surf lessons and they paddled further out to catch green waves. For Philip, Ana and Katja it was the first time surfing with Kalo Surf and they stayed in the front section to learn the basics of board handling, positioning on the board, catching waves and gliding with the wave. Especially for Rail his training with Kalo Surf on the smaller days really payed off. He gained a lot of strength and confidence. Today he was able to catch many green waves. He went for the front side turn and had many long rides.

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