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Advanced Surfing in Falassarna

Dominik and Themis were the first ready to hit the water. They are already experienced surfers and jumped right in!

A new spot is always a little bit tricky. You have to check the spot first, so you know if there are stones or other obstacles in the water. You look for the current so you can set yourself fix points - like a Hotel, a tree or a flag. As long as it doesn't move or suddenly can be gone - like a sun umbrella or a car - everything is right.

Like this, you make sure you are always in the right spot to catch the wave. It was challenging today, because the waves were strong and quite big, but Dominik and Themis did great!

Meanwhile, Coach Andy started the lesson with our surf students, who are not that experienced yet. Sophia, Alica, Michael, Emma, Lars and Loretta did a little warm up and theory session at the beach before they got the first challenge from Andy.

First, they learned how to glide and how the board behaves in the waves. After a few rounds, they were ready for the next challenge: The Pop Up.

They surfed their first waves and you can tell it from the smile on the faces - they absolutely enjoyed the ride!

Click here to see the pictures of the Surf Lesson in Falassarna!

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