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Boardhandling with Kalo Surf

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Before you learn how to surf, you learn how to handle your board. Boardhandling is one of the most important lessons for a surfer!

You have to get a feeling for the board. How it moves, how the waves push the board, how to turn and how to stop it.

This is why every beginner class starts with the practice of boardhandling. As soon as you feel confident lying on the board, it's time to start the take off and surf your first wave!

It was a great day for learning how to surf in Falassarna for Erik, Wärd, Freya, Harald, Charlotte and Bella. After the warm up, it was time to hit the water and start the boardhandling practice. It took a little while to get confident but in the end of the lesson, everybody trained the take off and surfed some waves! Great Job!

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