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First time surfing on Crete!

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You would like to learn something new on your holidays on Crete? Then come and learn how to surf with us!

On your first day of surfing, Coach Andy will teach you how to warm up, the most important theory, you will learn how to handle the board and do your first tries in the water. Andrei, Alex, Christian, Ria, Maximilian and Nadine took part in our surf lesson at the beach of Falassarna. It was the first time for all of them and you guys did a great job practicing your first take-offs and riding your first waves!

Maximilian and Nadine already signed in for the next lesson - it looks like you two got hooked on surfing! We are so happy about sharing our passion for surfing with all of you!

In the afternoon the waves increased significantly in size and we had a group of 4 surfer girls from Germany! Some had pre-experience and for some it was the first time ever. They all did great negotiating the powerful waves and practicing the take-off and pop up. Keep on surfing!

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