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Earlybird with Kalo Surf on Crete

Group pictures Falassarna

We are having a real heat wave these days on the beautiful island Crete. This is why we love to go surfing in the early morning. Sometimes it's hard to get up but the empty beaches and glassy waves are absolutly worth it!

For our earlybirds, it was the first day of their surf lessons with Kalo Surf and they practiced their balance and the board handling. Jule has had the most surf lessons before and practiced some turns - great job!

Andy has been coaching Sisay, Tsega and Samira this afternoon and because of the heat, they spend the hole time in the water having fun and training the take-off.

Because of some technical issues with the SD Card - we lost the pictures of the earlybird session. At least, we could rescue the group picture. We are very sorry! But no worries, you will get pictures of you surfing from the other lessons :)

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