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Double Surf Session with Kalo Surf in Crete

Surfer on Reef Break in Crete

The waves were back today in the west coast of Crete. In the morning we went to a beach break. Since it was early in the morning, Andy made sure to wake our bodies up and prepare them for surfing. First he worked with Heike and Markus on their take off and turns before they went in the water to practice. Since it was Enrica's very first time a the surfboard, he explained her step by step everything she needs to know before entering the water. After the first exercises on land it was time to conquer the surf of Crete!

Since two surf sessions are better than one, Markus decided to join Kalo Surf also in the afternoon together with Ava. This time we went to a reef break with beautiful glassy waves and empty surf. To be continued...

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