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Intermediate Surfing Greece

The first surf session started at 10:00 am on the wonderful beach of Kissamos, Crete. It was the first intermediate class for Leni & Chris and today it’s all about paddling. The waves are nice and small so we have perfect conditions for learning how to paddle and sit on the surfboard. It looks so easy with the more experienced surfers but guess what, it takes some training to do it right :D

After the session their arms felt like jelly but this just proved they made their job!

We wish you a great time here in Greece before you travel back home!

First day of surfing with Kalo Surf School

What a perfect first day of surfing! “Jannis” and Stefanos had great conditions for their first try with a surfboard. After the theory and explaining how to walk into the water with a surfboard, handle it in the ocean and jump on it, our students could try for themselves. Surfinstructor Andy helped them and guided them through every step so in the end, both of them were surfing their very first wave on a surfboard! They were so stoked and kept on catching one wave after the other! It was hard to get them out of the water when the lesson ended :D This is what it’s all about!

Great job guys!

Click here for the pics of today

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