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Local community surfers and wetsuit tips

When you grow up in front of one of the most promising surf spots on big days on the island, it is only natural that one day you want to surf it. Giannis saw enough nice waves and big days, that at the moment we met, he was already stoked and saw his chance to learn from professional surf coach Andy. He immediately bought his own wetsuit for the winter times.

Buying your own wetsuit or surf wear is something we recommend to all beginner surfers that want to make an investment. Your own wetsuit will make you feel comfortable in the water, you know that it fits you right and it will become a part of your body. In the beginning phase of your surfing experience you might experiment a lot with surfboards, and many surfers have made the mistake of buying their first board too small, too narrow or simply not suitable for the spot of choice or level of surfing. Ask around! You can always rent boards, especially on surf trips: it probably equals the money of the air transportation minus the hassle. Your own wetsuit, however, will become your second skin and is easy to carry everywhere with you!

So, yesterday Giannis had his first steps on a surfboard and he is scheduled for more training to be one day ready to surf his home spot!

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