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Week No 35 - Surfing into September in Crete

Surfing lessons from 30 August to 5 September 2021 - The new week starts with surfing lessons on Monday, 30 August 2021.

In the morning we are heading once again for the early bird surf lesson in Falasarna. The lesson started with the warm up and the dry runs on the beach - for each surfer individually according to their level. Andy introduced catching waves by pushing and jumping, a clever energy preserving technique! By the second half of the course the waves became very glassy and we tried to tackle the turn and paddle further out.

On the afternoon the lesson took place during the golden hours of the sunset in Falassarna. The waves were ideal for learning how to surf and improving your skills. Glassy, medium sized spilling waves. Luckily we had the beach almost all to ourselves. After the introduction to safety and surf theory we headed in the water for a variety of exercises to get you used to the surfboard and the feeling of catching waves and gliding. Repetition is key, the more waves you can catch and ride - no matter in what position - the faster your progress.

On Tuesday, 31 August both surfing lessons took place on the "secret" reef surf spot of Kalo Surf. When the waves on the beach are massive, the current is very strong and the wave becomes steep, quickly closing. On the reef we have the opportunity to surf a point break with spilling waves and have a long ride. Surf Coach Andy explained all about the reef circle and safety. On the beach we covered popping up on the surfboard and making turns. In the water our participants caught waves with Andy's help and on their own, and practiced on one wave after the other!

On Wednesday, 1 September the morning surf class took place on the beach of Falassarna. The waves were sizable. Before going in the water Andy prepared the participants with explanations and exercises on the beach on how to enter unbroken waves, pop up and perform turns all the while balancing on the downhill sand, looking at the wave and visualising. Then in the water with Andy's assistance the participants caught the wave on the peak while paddling. Towards the end we enjoyed some white water waves.

The afternoon lesson also took place in Falassarna. In the beginning of the lesson we surfed white water wave. Depending on the level of each individual surfer, Andy introduced catching many waves with push&jump, positioning on the surfboard, the pop up and turns. The second half of the course Andy paddled out with some of the participants to catch green waves during this sunset session.

On Thursday, 2 September we had a group of surfers that surfed for the first time with us. Our philosophy is to make you independent surfers. This means that you learn understanding where and how the wave breaks and what is the motion to catching it on your own. Without being able to spot the wave and catch it you can not surf. After catching the wave the next important step is positioning on the board. Too much weight in the front means nosedive, too much weight in the back and you are stalling the surfboard. The same care is important while popping up on a surfboard. During this maneuver, your weight needs to be balanced at all time, otherwise the surfboard sinks on the tail or the nose. Our waves in Kissamos allow for lots of repetition and lots of waves to catch!

On Friday, 3 September the day started quiet windy with medium sized waves during our beginner morning course. Those who surfed for the first time, learned how to catch waves and glide on a surfboard keeping optimum balance and keeping up the speed. Simon and Florian made great turns, while Miriam and Sabrina optimised their take-off and pop up.

In the afternoon the waves grew big and were ideal further out for those with more experience and further in we had great white water waves to catch. White water waves after the impact zone are ideal for practice, they have have the power and offer still a long ride. In the first half of the course Andy introduced the energy saving technique of catching waves: push & jump. As soon as our participants got the hang of it they could catch many many waves during the session and try popping up on a surfboard.

On Saturday, 4 September the morning slot belonged to the advanced beginner / intermediate group. Lev performed a couple of front side and back side turns. Dominik on his first day with us had a really nice ride on a right hander wave with a front side turn. Flo achieved in the second half of the course left and right turns. Birgit had nice front side turns. Cindy after starting surfing with us on her 4th day gained a lot of confidence in the water. Miriam caught some good waves but is struggling with an injury. The goal at this stage is choice of wave and positioning. Leaning into the wave and making turns ealy enough for a mid-face bottom turn.

In the afternoon the waves were not to small and not to big, ideal for learning. Surf coach Andy started the lesson with a warm up. Then we introduced pushing & jumping and the exercises in the prawn position. After the first half of the course the group learned or refreshed the pop up and Andy explained how important it is to find the right position on the surfboard in order not to sink or stall the board. It is important to keep up speed, it helps with balance - just like on a bicycle. In the end some even tried their first turns and because the conditions were sweet, it was a good opportunity to paddle out!


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