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Week No 33 - Surf Courses in August in Crete, Greece

Surfing lessons from 16 to 22 August 2021 - Last day of the 5 days massive northern swell that brought us so much join during this August in Crete. The last day early in the morning usually holds beautiful glassy waves with no wind. And that's exactly how it went! After two days of paddling into demanding conditions Dewi and Wai were rewarded with a chill session. Good paddle strength and technique allowed them to catch the waves early, take off on small green waves, and perform turns to the left and the right. Useful tips and tricks from Andy opened up whole new aspects to their surf skills.

After a tiny break with no waves on Tuesday - usually the day the swell turns around, we continue our surf journey on Wednesday, 18 August 2021 on the West Coast with Western Swell. This new swell travelled to the coast before the wind arrived, so the session was super glassy with medium sized waves, no wind, hardly any current, very easy to go in and out to catch waves. The sun was shining through the clear waters and the beach was empty! Everyone in our group succeeded learning how to catch waves on their own, the first timers with push & jump, while Pro and Claire caught green waves further out while paddling.

In the afternoon we had a first timer lesson with a group of friends. In such an environment the surfing experience is all the more fun and we really enjoyed to see their progress. After safety rules and basic board knowledge such as positioning on the board the first portion of the water time was dedicated to learn how to catch waves. This is the most crucial step of becoming a surfer, understanding where the wave breaks and using the power of the wave with the right timing. Our participants learned to balance on the surfboard with various exercises and then we moved on to learn popping up on a moving surfboard. After lots of rounds and waves caught the sun set and we wrapped it up, happy and tired.

In the morning of Thursday 19 August the waves were glassy, medium to bigger sized with no wind at first and later light off-shore wind. The conditions were ideal for beginner surfer and intermediates with nice open faces with left and right hand waves - easy to spot the peak. The first timers were introduced to board handling and catching waves while the intermediates worked on their turns and early take-offs.

On Friday 20 August we could surf on the West Coast in the morning and on the North Coast in the afternoon. It is sometimes surprising to see how quickly swell can build up!

In Falassarna it was super glassy early in the morning powerful due to a bigger period. The wind was light but sometimes gusty offshore wind. The first timers learned how to catch waves with the push and jump technique and how to balance with their body on a surfboard. Later they joined the others with practicing popping up on the board. Good times and we hope to see you again!

In the afternoon we had glassy waves without wind in Kissamos. The group of first timers learned catching waves in the prawn position while Frederik covered turns, paddling and looking towards the wave. After a warm up and a quick demonstration of surf coach Andy everyone practiced in the water. Our first timers went flying through the first day exercises and reached the point of learning how to pop up on the surfboard. Super fun surf lesson, Andy and Pro thank you for the applause ;)

Saturday 21 August we continue our surf journey at the early afternoon. The first timers learned everything about board handling and stayed on the inside section to catch as many waves as possible. Repetition is key for progress. The others paddled out to catch glassy waves while paddling.

In the afternoon the waves were even glassier. Our group was eager to get back in the water and surf after a long time without surfing. In the second half of the course Andy was able to correct a couple of mistakes and give useful tips. With a more relaxed vibe our participants were able to catch green waves and perform turns.

On Sunday 22 August the waves were so great in Kissamos that we could surf all day long! We had surfers of all levels: first timers, beginners, advanced beginners and intermediate surfers. There were great white water waves for first timers and beginners to practice catching waves at the right place and the right moment. The advanced beginners and intermediates could paddle out in the bay of Kissamos, the waves were not too hard to overcome. There they could take off on unbroken green waves and perform turns. As soon as you are able to perform a turn after the take-off you can ride the face of the wave!

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