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Week No 21 - Surfing in Greece

24 - 30 May 2021 - Surf Lessons in Greece

The weather makes it seem that summer has really started in the last week of May! Hot temperatures and little wind makes for perfect holiday weather. For us surfers, however, this means we had to wait for a couple of days for the waves to come in. And when they did come in we surfed them all!

Alexa and her family had a great time learning how to surf in Crete, Greece. 3 days of surfing lessons provides you with a solid basis about the sport. Safety instructions, board handling, how to catch the wave in various ways, popping up on the board, shifting the weight to prolong the ride and making turns.

Also our other participants could not get enough of the surfing in the beautiful waters of Falassarna. For some it was the first time on a surfboard others had prior experience and they all quickly progressed.

On Saturday we had the last day of surfing for this week and it was truly epic. The scenery was simply stunning: crystal clear waters, offshore wind and peeling waves. Our group was able to enjoy the beach of Falassarna almost exclusively and they were catching one wave after the other! Truly a day to remember!

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