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Surfing Week No 28 - July on Crete Island

Surfing lessons from 11 to 17 July 2022

Photo Album of 14 July 2022 Morning Surf Lesson in July in Greece

Photo Album of 14 July 2022 Lunch time Surf Lesson in July in Greece

Photo Album of 14 July 2022 Afternoon Surf Lesson in July in Crete

Photo Album of 15 July 2022 Surfing Kissamos at its finest

Photo Album of 15 July 2022 Paddling into Green Waves in Greece

Photo Album of 16 July 2022 Great Waves for Learning and Improving Surf Skills

Photo Album of 17 July 2022 Morning Surfing in the bay of Kissamos

Photo Album of 17 July 2022 Youngsters Surfing in Kissamos Crete

This week we had all kinds of conditions in Kissamos: Big waves, very big waves and also smaller waves that were perfect for learning. Some days had strong wind and others hardly any wind.

We had many unique encounters and these are the stories of some of those....

Camryn and Sarah Margaret had a blast surfing in Crete. They improved their pop up, they worked on paddling into the wave, angling the board and turning, bottom turns and mid-face bottom turns.

Frequent guest Despina worked on her frontside turn and bottom turn and is also already trying to perform a cutback. What really helped her this week were the two surf skate sessions. They give you time to work on your overall performance!

George and Mie together with their sons tried surfing for the first time during their vacation in Crete. George was able to enjoy catching waves on his own and positioning himself on a surfboard. Mie even stood up during her first lesson. The boys were stoked with surfing and wanted to surf as many times as possible. The ended up paddling out on their second day and catching unbroken waves on their own.

Ulysses and his girlfriend surfed their first day on the very big day and did great. Ulysses kept surfing the next morning where he improved his pop up, and learned stalling and trimming - a key movement to start turning front and back side.

Stanislav and Ekaterina made their dream of surfing come true. They surfed in total 5 times and it was a joy to see their progression. From the first time ever to be out in the sea, to learning the perfect pop-up, catching waves on their own and ending up turning the surfboard. Saying Good-Bye really moved us!

Many Kalo Surfers tried surfing for the first time with us this week in Kissamos and were able to experience the joy of catching waves and feeling their power.

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