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Surfing Week No 27 - Surf Lessons for Kids and Families in Greece

Surfing lessons from 4 to 10 July 2022

Summer is here and so are the summer vacations. Crete is a popular destination for families with kids of all ages. On Monday 04 July 2022 we started the morning surf lesson with kids and in the afternoon it was time for the teenagers and older. It was a pleasure for us to provide their first surfing experience. It brings us at Kalo Surf so much joy to see the smiling faces when someone catches their first wave on their own! Today the conditions were ideal. The waves were easy to spot and they had power so we could surf them all the way to shore.

On Tuesday, 5 July 2022 most of our participants had their first surfing lesson ever. Surf coach Andy took the time to thoroughly explain the safety rules and communication signals. In the water we practiced catching waves on our own and balancing on the surfboard. Finding the right position on the surfboard is key to keep up the speed!

Οn Wednesday, 6 July 2022 we were happy to welcome a group from Czechia for a last minute organised surfing experience. We met at the bay of Kissamos, quickly handed out the equipment and without hesitation went in the water for practice. With Surf Coach Andy they learned how to catch waves on their own with two techniques: Push & Jump as well as paddling into the wave. By the end of the lesson all four were able to select and catch waves on their own, have a ride and prolong their ride. For prolonging their ride they learned stalling & trimming as a new skill!

During the course at 3 pm our participants caught countless waves on their own and with Andy's help. It was the second lesson with us for most and we could see a quick progress. Catching many waves in one session allows you to manifest movement patterns and your surfing skills. We were all smiles today. Thank you all for a fun afternoon!

On Saturday, 9 July 2022 Kalo Surf surf school went to the surf spot at beautiful Falassarna beach. The waves were about 1 to 1,5 m high and glassy. After our classic introduction to safety and communication in the water, our participants learned how to paddle right away. We paddled further out all together to catch the breaking wave. Surf coach Andy helped with choice of wave and positioning in the water. The first timers practiced finding the correct position on the surfboard first, and popping up in the second half of the lesson. The ones who have surfed before practiced popping up right away and learned the additional skill of stalling & trimming.

On Sunday, 10 July 2022 we had beautiful big waves at the bay of Kissamos. The morning surf lesson started with a nice warm up and explanations of the beach. The ones who surfed with us for the first time first learned how to catch a wave and glide on a surfboard. The ones who surfed with us on the previous day in Falassarna, learned an additional technique for catching waves: push & jump. This technique is more energy efficient and allows you to catch more whitewater waves in one session!

In the afternoon we were joined by Ria and Maria, as well as our assistants Prodromos and Martina who enjoyed a free surf.

I want to tell the story of how Maria caught a fabulous wave. Maria and surf coach Andy were side by side paddling into a green wave. Andy caught the wave already and it seemed as if Maria did not make it. She made an early pop-up and she was able to push herself down the face of the wave by pushing all her body weight forward and downward. The drop that followed surprised both Maria and Andy, but she was able to stand it and then ride smoothly all the way to shore. Stoke, surprise and excitement were the feelings at the end of this ride and a high five was well due!


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