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Surfing Week No 21 - Summer is almost here

Surfing lessons from 23 - 29 May 2022

The last week of May has sunny weather and the week starts with Western swell - surfing on the west coast.

On Monday we welcomed back two surfers that have previously learned with us with the addition of their loved ones. We trained getting back into the element, stalling & trimming and making turns. The first timers learned getting used to the equipment, how to catch waves on their own and how to ride a wave no matter in what position. What a way to start your holidays in Crete!

On Tuesday the conditions at Falassarna beach were wonderful. No wind at all, sunshine, turquoise waters and glassy waves. The group paddled out together to catch waves on the peak and have a longer ride. Stephen further trained turning the surfboard today. It was tricky to spot the right wave today, so surf coach Andy spent almost the whole time in the water assisting with positioning and choice of wave.


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