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Surfing Week No 18 - Spring is here, May starts with great Surfing

Surfing lessons from 2 to 8 May 2022

The first week of May 2022 brought us good waves and milder temperatures. While the island is still relatively empty, we can enjoy the beaches almost completely on our own! On Monday and Tuesday there were great waves in the bay of Kissamos. We started as always by handing out the gear to our participants with all that is necessary for surfing: a warm wetsuit, a school lycra, surfboard and leash. After safety instructions we start immediately with the first exercises on land to prepare for the activity in the water. In the waves we have the option to catch waves with push & jump or with paddling. This options allow us to catch more waves while preserving energy.

The surfing week continued with session on Saturday and Sunday. The waves were similar to the beginning of the week. We quickly went through the first exercises and then paddled out to catch waves further out, so we can have a longer ride. For this it is important to learn stalling & trimming. Like this the surfboard stays always flat on the water depending on the section of the wave and keeps up the speed. On Sunday we celebrated Mother's day with a special mothers' surfing session. One to remember.


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