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Surfing Week No 29 - Big Swells & Mellow Waves in July in West Crete

Surfing lessons from 18- 24 July 2022

This week was our big reunion week. We had 2 families returning and joining forces creating an amazing atmosphere and great dynamic on the group. We had fun underneath the summer sun and the starry nights.

We had Birgit surfing different sizes of waves while improving her technique and ability to spot & catch waves.

We had Vincent and Alexis proving that I you really want you can do everything in life that showed extreme determination and some amazing technique on the surfboard.

We had Olmo starting from scratch and ending up doing turns and spotting green waves inside 3 days.

We had Bogdan never giving up and managing to tame the waves and getting up on that board. Kai and his family performing so well on their first day ever. Millie and her boyfriend managed to get up and even paddle further out to catch unbroken green waves gracefully. Both groups understood more things about surfing and were able to improve their technique and prolong their ride.

Elsa and Anna got their first waves ever and did great. Roberta had the chance to paddle out and catch unbroken waves. Anthony did great catching the wave and standing up.

Christian and Ermina did great. They were even able to surf together on the same wave. Keep surfing together guys.

Margaret and her 2 daughters did amazing on their first day, plus they all stood up. Staci gave us a beautiful show. Being able to find the peak of every wave and managing to prolong her ride by very stylishly standing up tall on the board and trimming. Staci's friends did a great job catching the wave on their own and standing up on their first time surfing.

Lise and his 2 kids also managed to catch the wave on their own, and did well getting up and riding the wave on their own. Ion and Ilaria did great managing to catch many waves and even standing on the board having long rides under the summer sun. All in all good times under the Greek sun! Composed by your surf coach Andy


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