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Lots of Fun at the Beginner Surf Lesson in Crete

beginner surf lesson, smiles

Great conditions today for the Kalo Surf surf lesson in Crete. The waves were glassy, organized with just the right size and power to train all the exercises of the beginner surf level.

The lesson started with the theory part of communication and safety as well as practicing how to find your position on the surfboard. Then we all went together to the beach for the warm up. Still on the beach surf coach Andy went with the participants through a couple of dry runs. For the first time surfers how to lay on the board and surf in the prawn position, for the ones that have surfed before the pop up. Then in the water he instructed everyone how to catch a wave with the push & jump technique. This technique allows you to catch waves in a very energy efficient way, thus lasting longer during your session, catching more waves and having more repetitions. Repetitions of the movement patterns is key to learning and progressing in all sports activities! In the water our first timers also learned how to carry the board, how to overcome the waves and how to turn around safely. Never hold the board between yourself and the oncoming wave! As soon as everyone figured out the exercise the surf coach went to the beach to be able to see the participants head on to give individual corrections. Fabian and Sibel also learned today the motion of how to turn the surfboard which they were eager to try in the water. Mikolaj made great progress today in being able to land his front foot more in the centre of the board. The other surfers achieved the goal of the first day! Being able to catch a wave on your own and glide on the surfboard - no matter in what position! In the second half of the lesson Andy showed also the first timer the pop up.

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