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Surf Lesson on the Reef in Crete

cutback during the surf lesson in Crete

Today there was juuuuuust the right swell direction and size for our personal private reef break to work. We are always very happy when we get to share this experience with a group of intermediate surfers. This reef break was discovered by surf coach Andy in our very first season in Crete 6 years ago and we still have the privilege to surf it exclusively. This is in parts that it does not look as spectacular from land as it turns out to be once you are in the water. Luckily, the few surfers on the island don't pay attention to it. Let's all make an effort for it to stay empty as long as possible so that the Kalo Surfers can enjoy it exclusively! No GeoTags and Google Tags, please!

At the beginning of the surf lesson surf coach Andy explained everything that you need to know in order to surf on a reef break. A reef break is generally also a point break. Because the bottom of the ocean floor is hard it does not shift as a sandbank does, so the wave breaks always on the same place. To position yourself you have to find reference points on land, a bush, a tree or a distinctive structure that you keep on checking. With those points you will always be at the peak! Andy also explained how to circulate on the reef break, meaning paddling out in the channel, paddling sideways to the peak, catching a wave and paddling back to the channel. Every surfer put their focus on different surfing maneuvers today, for some it was optimizing the paddle strokes and the take off, for some it was turning the surfboard, front side or back side and for some it was even the cutback!!!! Those maneuvers we first trained on land and then in the water. With each wave caught and ridden, the surf coach tried to give specific instructions and corrections in order to achieve it. We also took more than 600 photos during the session, so it took some time to sort them through. You can see and download them in our google photo album!

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