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Sunset Surfing in September in Falasarna

Surf lesson, surfboard, wetsuit, Crete, Falassarna

Once again, Kalo Surf surf school are the first to surf the new swell. This time the swell is arriving from the West and is going to stay for the next five days, at least! The swell was expected to arrive on the coast by the late afternoon that is why the lesson was scheduled the latest possible before the sun set. While the sea was still calm in the morning, seemingly out of nowhere it built up and was very well worth to surf. Empty beaches empty line up, what more can we say?

Super fun vibes between our participants today and lots of laughter. All geared up with the equipment from the surf van we went to the beach and went straight in without surfboards to cool down and bodysurf as a preparation for the surf lesson. After some stretching, surf coach Andy covered once again safety and communication. While still on the beach we went through various aspects of surfing: finding the correct position on the surfboard, popping up and for our more experienced participants also the turn. After a quick demonstration on how those various aspects get done in the water, everyone went in to practice their individual goals of the day. For the first timer this is understanding the motion of catching a wave on their own and gliding on a surfboard no matter in what position. And for Laura and Alexandra this was optimising the take-off and prolonging the ride and (maybe) try a little turn.

In the middle of the surf lesson we always have a break to rehydrate and then Andy shows the next step. Today this is the pop up and paddling, respectively. Our participants practiced with many many repetitions catching waves and surfing, repetition is key! Everyone had lots of fun surfing in the sunset and we from Kalo Surf are just grateful to share those precious moments sharing with you what we love.

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