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Intermediate Surf Lesson in September in Greece

intermediate surf lesson, Crete Greece

Great waves this afternoon in Kissamos, still the results of the Medicane passing by the coast of Western Greece.

All our participants had prior surfing experience, some are surfing for years with Andy (welcome back Fabi and Paddi ❤️), some surfed in other surf destinations before and some got hooked on surfing with us this summer!!!

Thus starts our intermediate surf lesson. After we handed out the customized equipment we settled on the beach in a half circle to talk about intermediate surfing theory! First about how and where the wave breaks today in Kissamos bay, the reference points, where we enter, where we catch the wave and how we circulate. Then Andy explained different types of waves and the parts of the breaking wave, such as the peak and the shoulder. He also covered basics of surfing priority and that we don't drop in on each other. And of course, as on all our lessons, safety and communication.

For the dry runs on the beach surfcoach Andy went through the pop up, paddling and turning. After a warm up it was time to hit the water. Our participants were well prepared and they knew what is happening and how and what are the points they should focus on today. We paddled in together and our participants stayed close to each other and close to Andy, so that one after the other could catch the wave from the peak. After a couple of rounds it became easier to position themselves and they were able to identify the peak and catch waves on their own while Andy looked on from the beach and gave individual feedback when they passed by on each circle. It was a great session with each participants trying and performing turns, front side and back side!

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