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Surfing Lessons in Greece - August 2020

green waves in Falassarna, surfing lesson

surfing lesson Greece

Full day of surf fun today in Crete, Greece! As surfing conditions are ideal right now, we are happy to enable a unique surfing experience to the guests of Kalo Surf surf school.

Let's start with the morning surf lesson! We arrived at the beach of Falassarna in the quiet morning hours. The set up in the morning is just beautiful as the day is new and the beaches are empty. The crystal clear waters and the easy going waves were ideal for our group of beginner surfers. It was the second day for everyone, except for mum Chloe. So after a repetition of safety we headed straight in the water for the practical part. On your second day of surfing lessons you are usually more calm as you know already the environment and what to expect. This allows you to better focus on the movement patterns and be able to apply the instructions we give you. So this morning, there were lots and lots of waves ridden and a super cool vibe in the water.

For the afternoon lesson, surfing conditions changed already and it could take place in the bay of Kissamos. The setup there is good for experienced surfers. We had a mix of 3 different levels today, and surf coach Andy split his time and attention to each surfer individually to give the the important clues, on how to progress today. Our most experienced surfers Moni and Christina paddled further out to the peak that allows the longest ride. Their focus today was on the timing of the take off and performing front side & back side turns. And we have seen some text books turns from them today! Second day surfers Fay, Phaedra and Jason worked on calmly applying what they have learned yesterday already. Choosing the right wave to surf, taking off and a smooth pop up that allows for a long ride. First time surfer Sophie, experienced today for the first time, what it means to go with the forward motion of the wave and glide with a surfboard to the beach. In the second part of the lesson, she joined the others with popping up on the board: nice and smooth like a cat. The smile during the first wave ever ridden never gets old for us!!!

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