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Epic Legendary Day of Surfing in Crete

take off on a green wave Surfing in Crete Greece

Our surfer hearts jump with joy when we see conditions like this. And also when we are able to instruct a group like this. It is our biggest pleasure to see how our students apply the instructions we give them and see them progress!!!

This afternoon our group consisted of experienced surfers that had at least one prior surf lesson or more. Our participants were surprised and did not expect to experience surfing conditions like this during their holiday in Crete.

As always surf coach Andy started the lesson with safety instructions and signalling. Then our participants trained specific movement patterns on the beach, for some this is the pop up for some this is the front side and back side turn amongst other individual corrections.

Then we went in the water together. Whenever we have surfing conditions like this in Kissamos Crete and the sandbank having the shape that it currently has, we have a perfect left hander, shoulder to overhead high. Plus, the bay has the easiest route to approach the peak: walking on the bay and paddling sideways into the line up.

During the time in the water surf coach Andy helped with choice of wave - one of the hardest parts in surfing - timing of the take-off, paddling technique and individual feedback on how to improve. By the second part of the lesson all were starting to get used to the conditions and had their fair share of wipeouts ;) Then the vibe visibly relaxed, the wind dropped a little and the wave became glassier. Our participants were able to apply the instructions, had epic rides and it was all smiles by the end of the lesson. A surfer knows the uncomparable feeling of being tired and happy after a great surfing session. It's a natural high: the surfer's stoke!

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