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Epic Epic Epic Day of Surfing in Crete

family portrait, surfing lessons Crete

All smiles and surf stoke this morning in Crete, during the beginner surf lesson of Kalo Surf surf school. Also the team of Kalo Surf was very happy today, as this is what dreams are made of: great participants, great waves, perfect vibe. Who would have thought that summer 2020 can turn out like this after all?

This morning we had two groups of surfers. Surf instructor Alex took on Bruno and his family together with friends Monika and Grzegorz. Because most had prior surf experience, they were the first to receive their equipment and head to the beach. On the beach they did exercises regarding catching the wave, the pop up and paddling technique. Then they went in the water for the practical part. The waves were nice and big, probably shoulder to head high, breaking further out and then rolling as a white water wave to the shore. Surf instructor Alex was helping actively with choice of wave and the right timing for the take off. Our participants had great rides, some optimised their stance on the board, some tried their first turns and some were riding a wave for the very first time in their lives!

The group of surf coach Andy consisted of first time surfers Alessia, Christine, Ivor and his kids as well as friends Theo and Janosch. The excitement was already in the air at the start of the lesson when everyone saw the breaking waves in the morning sun. But first Andy started with a warm up for the upcoming sports activity and introduced the group to safety and board handling. In the first half of the practical part, the participants learned which wave to chose, how to catch the wave while pushing & jumping and how to glide on the surfboard. It is crucial to understand how to balance your body on the surfboard while giving it the forward motion. If you body weight is too much on the tail the surfboard will stall and not take speed. In the second half of the surfing lesson, our first timers learned the correct pop up. Nice and smooth, so we don't stall the board by any abrupt motions.

This morning lesson was all smiles and fun as you can see in your photo album. It was such a pleasure for us sharing the joy of surfing with you!!!

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