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Learning to Surf in Crete Greece

waves in Crete, surfing waves

Monday morning. Isn't it great to go surfing instead of going to work or school on a Monday morning? Today the swell came from the North, so surf coach Andy went with our group to a beach in Kissamos facing the north with an nice sand bank, where the waves were perfect for a beginner surf lesson. Surf instructor Alex was also in the water today. Andrea, Philipp, Karl and Henrike surfed for the second time with us. They had fun on their first surfing lesson, so for them it was the perfect opportunity to get some more of the surf stoke and of course train what they have already learned: the take off, popping up on the board, catching waves alone and with the help of the surf instructor. Learning to surf is a process but the most important part is having fun and staying safe while doing it.

Emmanuel, Benoit, Mathilde and Lucas had their first introduction to surfing today with surf coach Andy in the waves of Crete. As always we cover the most important safety rules and signals. Then we train the basic exercises on the beach and in the water. Those are to help train the motion of catching the wave and balancing on the board. In a further step we try popping up on the board and having a ride. Being comfortable on the surfboard comes with lots of practice and lots of repetitions. We are lucky that the wave in Crete allows us to get out to the surf easily, so we can try and ride many many waves throughout one session.

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