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Our point break is still on - Surfing in Greece

take off on a point break, surfing in Greece

Point break surfing in Greece. After a shift in the sand bank the ocean floor in the bay of Kissamos is shaped just the right way to create a wonderfully peeling waves that breaks always at the same point - a point break.

This morning we met our participants for the surf lesson on the beach with our surf van loaded with customized surf equipment. Surf coach Andy handed out wetsuit, school lycra, leash and board and started right away with a warm up. Then he covered safety before he went on to the practical part. Each person had different surfing experience and different points to focus on, so the drills on the beach were individual. They ranged from the prawn position to the pop up and the turn. Finally our group hit the water. First time surfer Kelly stayed in the inside section to train caching waves with the push & jump technique. The others paddled further out to the point to catch waves with Andy's assistance. Of course when surfing in a new spot it takes some getting used to the surroundings but by the end of the lesson the waves of Kissamos our group had many many good rides.

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